When is the best time to look at your phone?

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2 min readJul 22, 2021


Digital wellness is very important for our general well being. As much as we use technology for our everyday activities such as staying in touch with loved ones from different parts of the globe, to listening to our favourite meditation sounds and what have you, we need to set healthy boundaries with how we choose to use technology. Use tech do not let tech use you.

Now the issue here is, how much power do we give these digital devices? How deeply ingrained is technology in our daily lives?

Quite often or for most of us, our mobile phones are most likely the first things we check or look at before we start our day. It has become so innate that not much thought is put into why we have really chosen to check them when we first wake up in the morning.

As a social justice and digital justice tech organization, we care about your overall wellness not just online. It is for this reason we are happy to have partnered with a community organization that is just as passionate about digital wellness (if not more) than we are.

On the Screen Time Lifeline blog, Christina Malecka forces us to ask ourselves why we reach out for our phones anytime we get that itch to scroll. She pushes as to be more reflective and present with our choices especially when it comes to tech use.

Check their blog out for more: https://www.screentimelifeline.com/blog/when-is-the-best-time-to-look-at-your-phone.

Screen Time Lifeline’s aim is to identify and confront the ways the tech industry reinforces oppressive dynamics and colonizes our relationships, our world views, our independent thinking, our free will and our minds, all for profit. Check them out here: